Gunsmith Spotlight: Milled cylinder to accept moon clips.



Generational Guns can customize your gun to your heart's desire. We can also build a custom gun for you, and get or make accessories and install the accessories.

Buy all your AR parts from us for an AR build and we will put the AR together for no additional fee.


Gunsmith Spotlight: ​Installed keymod rail on front of receiver and made bracket for pistol brace. Turned out awesome!

“You break it, we fix it. You dream it, we make it.”

Gunsmith Spotlight: Built a Black Ace Tactical 12-Gauge.

Gunsmith Spotlight: Got this revolver back in working condition and hot blued it. Before and after photos.

Gunsmith Spotlight: Installed new 3-hole trigger, installed new grip safety, machined grip safety to fit the contour of the pistol, polished the trigger, slide and muzzled brake, installed new adjustable front and rear sights and duracoated slide top and bottom of frame.

​​Prices are subject to the condition of the firearm and are to be determined by gunsmith upon examination. All initial prices are an estimate. The customer will be contacted if there are any significant changes in the estimate amount, once the firearm has been thoroughly examined.

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We at Generational Guns strive for quality on all our work. Whether your gunsmithing needs are major or minor, we are here to help. Below are some of the gunsmithing services we provide. More gunsmithing options are available. If you are looking for something not listed, please call us at (515)528-2775 or email us through our Contact Us page.


Hourly Service Charge                                                $90
Hourly Service Charge (with Machine)                         $135
Complete Clean and Oil Gun (inside and outside)        $50 & up
Firearm Appraisals                                                     $10 & up    

Trigger job - clean and smooth                                  
Re-barrel handgun with factory barrel                          
Set timing                                                                
Chamfer revolver barrel                                             
Remove/modify revolver hammer spur 
Bevel magazine well                                                  
Action job (completely hone and smooth all parts)      

Install muzzle brake (plus cost of muzzle brake)                     
Cut and crown rifle barrel                                                        
Remove fired case from chamber                                             
Remove live round                                                                
Remove obstruction from bore                                                 
Install pre-threaded and short chambered barrel (bluing extra)     
Install safety                                                                          
Install trigger                                                                         
Weld on new bolt handle                                                         
Smooth and adjust trigger pull (most rifles/shotguns)     

Raise dent in barrel                                        
Make new hinge pin                                       
Polish bore and chamber                                
Resolder rib                     
Install screw in chokes (3 standard tubes) 

Sight in plus ammo (standard) 

Sight in plus ammo (muzzleloader)                                                   

Install sight bead on shotgun (drill and tap, standard bead included)                
Install insert in pistol sight                                                                           
Cut dovetail in barrel                                                                                   
Drill and tap barrel or receiver for sights                                                  
Install receiver sights (gun drill and tap)                                                        
Install scope, mounts and sight in with customer's ammo                                
Install scope and mounts with customer's ammo (gun not drilled and tapped)   
Install screw - on type sight ramp                                                                 
Install sweat - on type sight ramp                                                                 

Install recoil pad                            
Install standard sling swivels      
Recoil reducer