“You break it, we fix it. You dream it, we make it.”

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Q:  What kind of finishing does Generational Guns do?

 ​A:  We do Duracoat, Ceracoat, custom paint, bluing and Parkerzing.


​Q:  Can Generational Guns finish my 80% lower?

​A:  No, because we don't hold a manufacturing license at this time.

​Q:  Can Generational Guns thread barrels?

​A:  Yes, we can do barrels up to 40" in length.

Q:  Does Generational Guns take trades?

​A:  Yes, but we must see the gun in person to determine its condition to give a fair price.

​Q:  What types of guns does Generational Guns work on?

​A:  All types - shotguns, rifles, pistols, new and used, etc.

Q:  Does Generational Guns accept transfers?  If so, what is the cost?

A:  Yes we do.  Transfers are $20 each, or $10 if you are active military, a military veteran, a fireman or a law enforcement officer.

​Q:  How much does Generations charge for a general gun cleaning?

A:  The cost is $40.

​Q:  Can Generational Guns take care of sending my gun in for repair warranty?

​A:  Yes, we would be happy to help. There may be some fees included; for example, shipping.