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“You break it, we fix it. You dream it, we make it.”

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Generational Guns is a family-owned business that wants to reach other families for all generations. We are a full service firearm store. We do gunsmithing, sell, buy and trade firearms and offer a variety of other products. Our customers range from existing firearm owners, people new to owning a firearm, people buying product for their family or friends to people who may only want a form of self-defense but not own a firearm.


As owners of Generational Guns, we are both very hardworking, goal driven, dedicated and have the passion to succeed. We believe it’s always good to keep training and to keep learning new things. With the combination of our experience, skills, strengths and passion we make a good team.


Bo is very mechanical, an innovator, a people person and a great salesman. He has grown up around and working on firearms. His father owned a gun shop when he was a child and his family and he have always been hunters. In 2012 he took a program with Penn Foster and received a career diploma in Gunsmithing. He is also a state certified welder. He is a people person and makes sure work is done right. You will find Bo out front to greet you or in the back working on firearms. 


Heather is organized, precise, detail-oriented and analytical. She has office and leadership experience. She is knowledgeable of and quick at learning programs. She is very good at maintaining accuracy and efficiencies. In her latest position, she developed and implemented procedures and organized and coordinated projects and client communications. Including training new employees in her area. You will find Heather out front to greet you or in the office doing bookwork.


People say do something you enjoy and don’t let anything stop you from reaching your goals; life is too short. This is the motto we like to live by. We have taken a hobby and desire and combined it with our professional skills to reach a goal. Our focus is to provide leading customer service by educating our customers on our products and how to use them safely, providing or having access to all their demands and completing each job as promised in a timely manner.