“Great couple to deal with. Couldn’t ask for better workmanship. Bo will probably be more picky then you will be. He wants everything that leaves his shop to be perfect.”


Gene Beals

"There are many places to “buy” a gun.   All charge about the same price and all have or can get you the same guns.  But what do you do when you have a problem with a gun you bought?  Do you have a place to take it to get it fixed?  Bo Carpenter at Generational Guns is not only an expert gunsmith, but also an expert at customer service.  I’ve bought several guns from Bo.  The last pistol I bought I had to buy on-line. It was really hard to find and not available from Bo’s suppliers. Several months later, the safety was malfunctioning.  Bo diagnosed the problem as a broken part, contacted the manufacturer for me and offered to send the pistol in for repair.  Because it was going to take 8 weeks for the repair, Bo got the part and fixed it for me in his shop.  I was very impressed and pleased to get my pistol back so quickly.  That’s why I highly recommend doing business at Generational Guns."  Paul Berg

Choosing a new firearm or getting an old one fixed can be an unsettling experience. You're not sure if you can find what you want, and you don't want to pay too much. Well, don't worry, because here at Generational Guns, our focus is on you, the customer, making sure you get what you want at a fair price, with excellent service after the sale.


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Generational Guns provides and repairs quality guns for protection and recreation for all generations. We are a Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer. We offer services from repairing broken guns, to rejuvenating guns that have been passed down for generations, to customizing guns to your hearts desire to customizing guns for your physical needs. We also provide guns, gun parts or accessories, ammunition, gun transfers, knives, knife sharpeners and self-defense items. Click the links above to check out our website!

Generational Guns is family-owned and operated, and has been in business for 7 years in Bondurant, IA, with their store opening in March 2015. The owners, Bo and Heather Carpenter, are at the store to greet customers. Bo is an expert gunsmith, with many years of experience, and can provide all of your gun servicing and repair needs. Bo received a career diploma in Gunsmithing in 2012, and is also a state certified welder. You will find Bo out front to greet you or in the back working on firearms. Heather is organized, precise, detail-oriented and analytical. She has office and leadership experience. You will find Heather out front to greet you or in the office doing bookwork.

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“You break it, we fix it. You dream it, we make it.”

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